Abd elMalik NOUNOUHI

Contemporary arabic calligraphy

breath, gesture and the trail of Words

« There are ways we take by chance, eyes open between words, between the lines, as we trace some paths. There are roads, made by pigments and inks in the wakes of unknown lands. And then there are some peoples standing their letters on horizon lines, repeated infinitely, until exhaustion ».

"Prayer, 2014, 120x40cm, Ink on canvas"

"Approache the silence and make it an echo of your soul

breath after breath

follow the characters

points behind points

symbols become words.


An extension of yourself,

your hidden meaning.

The image visible to the naked eye

Call the silence around you

Let the « Calam » be its voice

Chant and Internal psalmody


Throw your ink

As a wave on the shore of paper

Every word has an internal music

sings in movement

Vibrates by INK

Under the fingers of your hand

The "Calam" is playing a musical characters.


"The Conference of the Birds" Farid al-din Attar" : "God set the earth on the back of a bull, The bull on a fish dancing on a spool Of silver light so fine it is like air; That in turn rests on nothing there

But nothing that nothing can share." 2012, 65x160 cm, (Diptych : 65x80 + 65x80cm), Ink and Pigment on Canvas

Calligraphy, or « EL KHATT», the trace in Arabic .
A return to the source.
A look, a breath, and with one trace, the letters of the alphabet become alive.
They speak to the eye which listens with open eyes. The letters engraved on sheets of paper, like grains of sand placed and replaced by the wind, letter by letter to create words. Words which speak, words and phrases with tongues tainted with ink
The ink of a scripture that comes and goes like a deep wave, a wave from within which foams and froths till it finds a way out and opens the door to non-spoken words. Those words, solitary and in harmony with the movement of the rose stalk, the “Calam” playing its flute. A melody of words, visible and yet unreadable but sometimes audible; if one would listen to their dance, if one would watch them talk, like music from within.

Everything is a story of traces, traces of an internal story carried by words.
And carried to the surface of the paper by a breath, as if it were a voice.
The Calam is like a flute which finds its movement through the breath of the calligrapher.
Hand and ink become this movement.


Kaf.Lam.Mim.Noun, «Abstract N°2 &  N°3 » (2011)  Ink on paper, 2x(24x18cm)

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