Abd el Malik Nounouhi was born on the 30h of September 1971 in the highlands of the Morrocan Rif, in Beni Saîd where he grew up till his late teens.He moved to Paris in 1990 to study Mathematics but changed paths to dedicate himself entirely to calligraphy shortly after his studies. Being self thaught, calligraphy has been a link to his motherland and to the memories of the first contact with Arabic script at the age of five in the coranic school in his village.
Abd el Malik Nounouhi developes a personal expression in his calligraphy, between past and present, between the traditional and the contemporary, between the sign and the meaning, , creating a world of colours where light and shadow are the basic structure of his art work : he says that the mathematical logic is after all not that far from the calligraphic geometry.
He writes his texts and translates them on canvas like a trace of his own personal history and his internal landscape.


Selected Biennials, Festivals,  Solo & Group Events

UNESCO (World book and copyright day) *.* The Sciptorial, Museum of the Manuscripts of Mont-Saint-Michel, Avranche (France) *.* "Sharjah Biennial For The Art Of Arabic Calligraphy" Museum of the Art of Arabic Calligraphy (United Arab Emerat, 4th and 5th Edition) *.* "International Festival of arabic calligraphy", National Museum of miniature, and calligraphy Algiers ( Algeria, 2009&2010) *.* "international forum of peoples united", City:Pau (France) *.* "biennial of poetry", City : Viry-Chatillon, (France) *.* "Cultural Center Municipal Library",City : Vanves (France) *.* "Musée du chatêau" City : Dourdan (France) *.* "Cité de la Musique », City : Marseille (France) *.* "Cultural Center HENRY MILLER », City : Clichy (France) *.* "Galerie Espace Ailleurs, City : Clichy (France) *.* "Galerie l’Image",City : Marseille (France) *.* "Espace Gallerie ArtCom EDITIONS" City : Paris (France) *.* "Salon NASREDDIN LE HODJA », City : Marseille (France) *.* "Halle Saint-Pierre,2009, Paris (France), "Lire en fête », 2008 Paris (France), "Festival of Maghreb book » 2003 & 2004 Vallauris (France) *.* "Café littéraire » Arab World Institut (IMA) Paris (France) *.* "Théâtre Toursky » , Marseille  (France)

Abd elMalik Nounouhi